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 The Woodbridge Public Library has been a congressionally designated depository for federal documents since 1965. As a member of the GPO’s Federal Depository Library Program, we receive free of charge selected items produced in print, microfiche and electronic (CD-ROM or DVD) format.

The United States Government is the largest publisher in the world. Every day the U.S. Government issues congressional bills, laws, regulations, presidential documents, studies, and more on a variety of topics. The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its Government's information. The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) is administered by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).

Since 1813, select U.S. Government documents have been made available throughout the United States and its territories to designated libraries. These designated libraries are called Federal depository libraries.

As members of the FDLP, depository libraries play a prominent role in providing Federal Government information to the public. FDLP libraries collaborate on a local and national level to provide informed access to both historical and current Federal Government resources distributed through the FDLP and deposited in libraries across the country.

Anyone can visit Federal depository libraries and use the Federal depository collections which are filled with information on careers, business opportunities, consumer information, health and nutrition, legal and regulatory information, demographics, and numerous other subjects.

The authority for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and the legal obligations of designated Federal depository libraries are found in 44 United States Code §§1901‐1916.

Among the highlights of the Woodbridge Library's federal documents collection are Census materials, Congressional hearings, public laws and regulations, U.S. Army histories, maps, and Supreme Court decisions. In addition to items in our physical collection, we provide access to thousands of online government documents. All of the materials in our collection are listed in the Library’s online catalog, regardless of format. 

While a limited number of materials in the documents collection circulate, the majority of print documents are in closed stacks and for reference use only. Please see a librarian at the Information Desk for assistance with these.

Government documents related questions can be submitted using our Ask A Librarian service. Or you can use the following search box to search for government information using USA.gov:


Highlighted Federal Web Site of the Month


For more than 40 years, the Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) has been a trusted one-stop source for answers to questions about consumer problems and government services. Their mission is to get accurate, complete and concise government information into consumers' hands when, where, and how they want and need it to make important life decisions. Publications.USA.gov links to websites that provide useful, timely, citizen-centered government information and publications.

There are two ways to find publications on Publications.USA.gov. You can browse for publications by clicking on the category buttons in the left navigation area of the site, or you can use the search box.

You can narrow your search by first selecting the category from the drop down box, then selecting the format type you want and lastly whether you would like to view English, Spanish or "all." The default for each search option is "all."

Once you find a publication you want, click on the publication title to get additional information about the publication. The description will tell you the sponsoring agency, number of pages, whether it is available in print, for PDF download, and whether it is available in another language other than English.

If print copies are available, publications are free. If print copies are unavailable for distribution, you may download and print copies of these publications for free.

Two of the most popular publications you can order for free at Publications.USA.gov are:

The Consumer Action Handbook: Use the Consumer Action Handbook (CAH) to get help with consumer purchases, problems and complaints. Find consumer contacts at hundreds of companies and trade associations, local, state, and federal government agencies, national consumer organizations, and more. 

The Consumer Information Catalog: The Consumer Information Catalog lists approximately 200 free and low-cost publications available to you from various federal agencies. The publications cover topics such as money, health, employment, housing, federal programs, education and travel.



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