Special Reference Collections

Song books and sheet music

Automotive, motorcycle and boat repair manuals

Legal materials, including Woodbridge Township ordinances, N.J. State and U.S. statutes, codes, and court cases, legal rights information, books of forms

Business reference (including sources from CCH, Dun & Bradstreet, Standard & Poor, Mergent, Value Line, Morningstar, and more) as well as New Jersey business directories, small business and franchise information

Tax information, including back files of reproducible tax forms (7 years)

Price guides for antiques and collectibles

Newspaper clippings from the Star-Ledger and the Home News Tribune

General and specialized encyclopedias (art, music, religion, science, and many other fields)

Biographical reference (Who's Who, American Men and Women of Science Contemporary Authors, Current Biography, and many more)

Social Issues resources covering all sides of current issues and controversies

Education and careers, including school and college directories, financial aid titles, career encyclopedias and pamphlets

Genealogy guides and handbooks

Vacation brochures from all 50 states